World Gourmet Show - Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition
Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court.

World Gourmet Show

Are you passionate about experiencing the culinary world at its finest? ADIFE offers a unique opportunity to be part of a global gastronomic celebration. Here is why you can’t miss this extraordinary event:

Here is why you cannot miss this year’s show:

🌟 Connect with Culinary Stars: Engage with Michelin-star chefs, industry influencers, and culinary luminaries who will inspire and delight your taste buds.

🍽️ Savour Excellence: Explore a world of culinary excellence as top chefs showcase their skills and creations, providing you with insights and inspiration to elevate your culinary journey.

πŸ›’ Discover Culinary Innovations: Get a sneak peek at the latest products and services that are shaping the future of the culinary industry. Discover new flavours, ingredients, and trends.

🀝 Network and Collaborate: Forge connections with fellow food enthusiasts, chefs, and industry experts. Explore opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

🌍 Celebrate Global Cuisine: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of global flavours and culinary traditions. ADIFE is your passport to a culinary journey around the world.

πŸ“’ Be Part of the Culinary Buzz: Experience the vibrant atmosphere and buzz that surrounds this world-class culinary event. ADIFE promises to be a food celebration like no other.

Don’t miss your chance to attend ADIFE, where culinary excellence and innovation take centre stage.

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